Online Teaching

Online Teaching Experience

2014               Workshop leader for “Teaching Anthropology Online”, AAA conference, Washington D.C.

2014               Curriculum Developer for ISB 204: Applications in Biomedical Sciences (Online), MSU

2013               Developer/Consultant for Foundations of Science MOOC, Center for Integrative Studies, MSU

2010-2014      Online Course Assistant/Developer (10 courses) for Department of Anthropology, MSU

  • ANP 201: Sociocultural Diversity
  • ANP 202: Biocultural Evolution
  • ANP 203: Introduction to Archeology
  • ANP 204: Introduction to Medical Anthropology
  • ANP 236: Peace and Justice Studies
  • ANP 264: Great Discoveries in Archeology
  • ANP 330: Race, Ethnicity, and Nation
  • ANP 420: Language and Culture
  • ISS 215: Social Differentiation and Inequality
  • ISS 220: Time, Space and Change in Human Society

ANP 204: Introduction to Medical Anthropology

In 2010, I was hired by the Department of Anthropology at Michigan State University to develop and instruct “ANP 204: Introduction to Medical Anthropology” Below is my video introduction for the course.

The following is the brief introduction to the field of Medical Anthropology written and narrated by me:

The following is a brief overview of the conceptual approaches covered in this course:


Teaching Anthropology in the Digital Age

Below is an article I published in General Anthropology about best practices for developing and delivering and online course: